2022: The Jack Leslie Statue Unveiling at Home Park

Written by: UPSU


On Friday 7th October a statue of the footballer, Jack Leslie, was unveiled at Home Park, the home of Plymouth Argyle.

Jack Leslie moved to Plymouth from East London in 1921 to play for Plymouth Argyle, at this time Jack was the only black professional footballer in the country. Jack achieved great success for Argyle and in 1925 was selected for the England squad but he never appeared on the team sheet, seemingly because of the colour of his skin.

Joshua Borokinni (VP Wellbeing and Diversity) and Alangel Joseph (Part-Time Sports Officer) attended the statue unveiling on behalf of the University of Plymouth Students' Union.


"Jack Leslie was one of a kind. And more than anything else, this event goes to prove that. Almost a century after, his dream finally came to life: The FA awarded him a honorary cap. His greatness did not just impact his peers, it transcended his generation. His sacrifices, commitment, and determination will reverb all through history and the statue speaks boldly to that. He has set a precedent for millions of Black British children who have been silenced, oppressed, and vilified by the system, and more than anything else, this is what life requests of us: to win and help others win, to live and help others live, to be the truest version of ourselves and help others do same. Posterity has rewarded him and his legacy now lives forever. Time heals, segregation kills, and the truth sets free."

- Joshua Borokinni, UPSU VP Wellbeing and Diversity 2022 - 2023




Find out more about Jack Leslie's life and the campaign to create and install his statue at Home Park: