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The Eddystone Trust, SHiP and The Zone are now offering a temporary ‘Condoms by Post’ service


Due to COVID-19, Plymouth’s regular C-Card services are heavily reduced and you may not be able to get to the locations you would normally visit to get C-Card or other free condom services.

The Eddystone Trust, SHiP (Sexual Health in Plymouth) at Derriford and The Zone have set up a temporary 'Condoms by Post' service for those who have no other way of accessing free condoms or buying condoms. The service provides free condoms, through the post, to 16 - 25-year olds in Plymouth.



What is a C-Card?


The C-Card scheme is open to people under the age of 25, with a card you can collect free contraception from over 60 locations in Plymouth. Find out more.



Condoms by Post and the C-Card Starter Pack


A C-Card starter pack is made up of; two regular condoms, one extra safe, one ribbed and dotted, one flavoured and one trim (latex-free condoms are also available), and three packets of lube.

To order your starter pack to be sent (discretely) to your home address call 07867 358187 between 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday.



COVID-19 and Sexual Health


As of Monday 1st June, Government measures to contain COVID-19 state that you must not:

  • visit friends or family inside their home or any other indoor place
  • stay away from your own home overnight, except for in a limited set of circumstances, such as for work purposes

"Only have sex with a partner if you live with them and neither of you have coronavirus symptoms. Please don’t hook up with strangers or multiple partners for sex.”


The Eddystone Trust

Check the latest government guidance here