#TalkAboutSex Week


The University is proud to be running its #TalkAboutSex Week, which will run from 16th - 20th November 2020.

This is a platform to engage and inform students around all aspects of sex. The whole event will be happening online and you will be able to: 



The aims of the week are to:


  • launch and raise awareness of the University’s Sexual Violence and Misconduct (SVM) policy
  • educate and raise awareness of sexual health, healthy relationships and the meaning of consent and SVM (including stereotypes, misconceptions and mythbusting regarding SVM)
  • raise awareness of available internal and external support services
  • raise awareness of how to report harassment, violence and assault (Speak Up)
  • remove the stigma and normalise conversations around sex and relationships.


Themed days throughout the week will have guest speakers covering topics such as sexual health, relationships and consent and sexual violence. 

A live drop in/Q&A session will take place every afternoon during the week and there will be number of interactive sessions via Zoom supported by local partners, including The Zone, Intercom Trust and First Light.

A link to the timetable for the week and information about how to access the content is available on the University's #TalkAboutSex intranet page (staff and student access only) which is available here.


#TalkAboutSex Week






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