#TalkAboutSex: Guest speakers Jamie Raines and Shaaba Lotun


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Sex is not just about biology and reproduction, it's a part of life. This event aims to go beyond talking about ‘risks’ such as pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.  It encompasses gender, relationships, communication, and your own sexual desires and rights. Run by the Univerity of Plymouth.



Promoting acceptance and self-confidence, Shaaba and Jamie are a fun, authentic, and diverse couple who break stereotypes and inspire love and laughter within their community. 

Jamie, 25, is a doctoral researcher and transgender creator who makes twice-weekly videos. Known for his quintessential quirks and advocating LGBT+ rights, his YouTube channel offers topical content on trans awareness, relationships, fashion, travel, mental health, and lifestyle. His research on trans wellbeing also supports this.   

Seven years after starting his channel to document his own transition, the couple now share their story to break down stereotypes and raise awareness of being diverse in a light-hearted and approachable way.  

Shaaba, 24, is also a creator with vlogs, relationships, lifestyle, and music content. Her genuine and intimate insights of life make her a friend to all. Shaaba is also a doctoral researcher, exploring social media and its effects on need fulfilment, mental health, and wellbeing. 

With a bold message and candid charm, Shaaba and Jamie aim to inspire curiosity, confidence, happiness, and laughter. 


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