#TalkAboutSex 2021


The University of Plymouth is proud to be running its #TalkAboutSex Event, which will run from Monday 15th - 16th November 2020.

Put these dates into your diary and keep an eye out for our second annual #TalkAboutSex event! We’re seeking to raise awareness among students and staff around sexual health, relationships, sexual violence and misconduct, gender identity, sexuality, consent and more!

This is a platform to engage and inform students around all aspects of sex. The whole event will be happening online and you will be able to: 



Through a combination of face-to-face and online delivery, you can:???

  •  Join 'live' sessions with subject experts
  • Access pre-recorded content 
  • View online resources and other signposting   
  • Obtain confidential support and advice
  • Submit anonymous questions online, which will be answered throughout the event.  


Or submit an anonymous question here:




The aims of the event are to: 

  • educate and raise awareness of sexual health, healthy relationships, consent, sexual violence and misconduct, sexuality, gender identity, ?pregnancy, contraception and body confidence
  • raise awareness of our Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy?(PDF) 
  • raise awareness of?available?internal and external support services 
  • raise awareness of how to report incidents of hate, harm and abuse (including sexual violence) using Speak Up
  • and remove the stigma and normalise conversations around sex and relationships. 


A link to the timetable for the event and information about how to access the content is available on the University's #TalkAboutSex intranet page (staff and student access only) which is available here.


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