Important: Summer Ball Tickets Scams

Written by: UPSU



Since releasing tickets for Summer Ball 2022 we have seen an increase of comments on our Summer Ball posts claiming people are selling 'cheap tickets'.

Remember to purchase your tickets safely. There are still plenty of tickets left HERE on the SU Summer Ball webpage.

Don't get caught out by scammers, if it seems too good to be true it's most likely a scam. 



If you are purchasing a ticket from anyone online such as a friend who can no longer go, please make sure that it is genuine before sending any money.

In order to get your ticket, the student who purchased the ticket originally will first need to collect the wristband from the SU Bar on the collection dates specified on our website, you will NOT be able to collect any wristband that has been purchased on another student's account. 

Finally, if you do see someone offering to sell an online ticket or a ticket that doesn't mention a wristband this could well be fake.



Stay safe when purchasing tickets online, however, we cannot wait to welcome you all to this year's Summer Ball.