Volunteer Spotlight: Nick Boreham


Nick Boreham

Be Active, Reduce Stress (BARS) volunteer

'I was interested in BARS as I wanted to get involved in something separate from my course but still associated with the University. I thought it sounded like the kind of course that would have been helpful for me in my first degree. I have always enjoyed outdoor activities and find that they are necessary for my mental wellbeing. I really wanted to help other people get involved with the programme as I know how difficult it can be to get started with anything new. Also, as mature graduate I am a little isolated on my course and I wanted to meet other people.'

Where I Started
I signed up at the volunteer fair in October 2018 and was quickly emailed with regards to the opportunity.

What I Did
I met up with three students I was buddied with and went with them to the sessions they were interested in which involved Zumba and Boxing. I havecontinued to communicate with them to check if they need any help. I have been able to see a positive change in the 8 weeks I have known them so can fully appreciate and have seen what the project can achieve.

The Future
I would love to continue to volunteer for the BARS project next year.