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Volunteer Spotlight: Nikolaos Arkoulis


Nikolaos Arkoulis

Volunteer for Devon & Cornwall Police Community Practical Days

"Participating in very interesting academic programmes such as "Training Police Passive Drugs Dogs" and "Student Police officer role-play". These were great opportunities, which gave me a unique insight into the world of policing. I provided an essential public service, assisting and working well as part of a police team, comprehending the difficult to prevent offences and learning ways to keep my city safe. This experience taught me about working to help in a different environment from my other volunteering experiences and furthered my beliefs in the importance of fairness and justice in society, as well as providing a different insight into the legal system. The process also developed my experience of working within important health and safety guidelines to ensure safe working practices and to protect employees and fellow volunteers. Given that this volunteering process does not work on set dates, it has taught me to be adaptable and flexible in my volunteering and professional life."