Sensational Programme Lead Award


This award is for a Programme Lead who has made a recognisable difference to your experience within your Programme. This could be through listening and responding to student feedback, creating a working relationship with students, Course Reps and School Reps and actively involving students in decisions. The winner of the Sensational Programme Lead Award recognises an individual who has shown enthusiasm and dedication to their Programme and has sought additional development opportunities for their students. 



The following Programme Leads have been selected as winners within their Faculties 


Katie Angliss  
Lecturer in Tourism, Hospitality and Events (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business) 

“Katie is incredibly passionate and dedicated to the tourism programmes. She is approachable, friendly and welcoming and always has time for students.” 

“As a course rep I work with her closely and feel she is always actively listening to the feedback that we provide so she can improve the course. For example, we approached her about organising a trip for tourism students, she was open and supportive to the idea and arranged an amazing trip to the travel show in London.” 

“She really cares about student’s professional development and so far this academic year has provided students with over 30 additional opportunities alongside the course, including networking events, conferences, work experience or graduate opportunities and training courses.” 

“She goes above and beyond to support students on the programme, investing a huge amount of time and effort to ensure the course is the best it can be and I feel she really deserves recognition for all her hard work.” 


Dr George Littlejohn
Lecturer in Applied Biology (Faculty of Science and Engineering) 

“George has always gone out of his way to listen to and act on feedback given at stage meetings to improve our experience, leading to a positive working relationship. He has involved all students in decisions in order to help improve the programme and modules as well as showing enthusiasm when promoting the course and engaging us all in research.” 

“His dedication and enthusiasm has provided an excellent and unique degree, with opportunities which have significantly improved our experience and future career prospects.” 

“His encouragement and help has led to successful placement years and all of us going into further study/jobs in biology which he was as excited about as we were.” 


The strength of the nominations we received were outstanding and for this reason we have awarded an additional Faculty Highly Commended Award 

Highly Commended: Dr Sue Kinsey
Head of Department for Business Management (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business) 

“Sue has been my programme lead for 3 years now and every year she makes me and all others feel safe, comfortable and wanted at the university and on our course.” 

“She isn't just a programme lead to me she is almost like a friend. I would like to nominate her because she is hard-working, dedicated and always looking at new ways to encourage her students to do their best.” 


All nominees: 

  • Ben Siu 
  • Dr Clare Embling 
  • Dr Emma McLeod-Johnstone 
  • Dr George Littlejohn 
  • Dr Robert Puschendorf 
  • Dr Ryan C Sweet 
  • Dr Sue Kinsey 
  • Elaine Murphy 
  • Katherine Herborn 
  • Katie Angliss 
  • Marnie Smith 
  • Matt Roser