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SSTAR Award Winners 2017

Last night UPSU held the annual Student Staff Teaching and Representation (SSTAR) Awards, hosted by Vice President of Education Steph Wearne. These prestigious awards recognise the many excellent University staff members and dedicated students we have here at Plymouth University. This year we saw a record amount of nominations, with 1,120 nominations from Plymouth University staff and students. A committee of Plymouth University students and representatives chose the winners.

The shortlisted and winners are:

Best Placement Support Award
Going on placement can be exciting, stressful and scary all at the same time, but with the support of a key staff member these worries can be managed. This award goes to someone who has given great support, advice or guidance about placement

  • Sandy Knowles - Highly commended
  • Elaine Vickers - Winner


The Big Thank You Award     
This award is for a member of service staff (catering, cleaning, tech, etc.) who make the day-to-day experience of University for students and staff just that little bit better.

  • Jamie Stoneman - Highly commended          
  • Kathy Parret - Winner


Course Reps of the Year Awards
This award goes to a Course Rep who listens to the views of their peers and makes a real difference to the lives of students. Each Faculty has a winner and there is an overall winner

  • Luke Cole - Faculty of Arts & Humanities
  • Rosie Harrison - Faculty of Business
  • Ian Bugg - Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry
  • Mollie White - Faculty of Science & Engineering
  • Kelsey Flynn - Partner Institutions
  • Helen Rixson – Faculty of Health & Human Sciences – Overall Winner      


Most Dedicated Project/ Dissertation Supervisor
Completing a large project or a dissertation can be one of the biggest sources of stress for a student so having a dedicated supervisor by their side to support and guide them is vital.

  • Karan August - Faculty of Arts & Humanities
  • Katie Mcbride - Faculty of Business
  • Alison Warren - Faculty of Health & Human Sciences
  • Charles Affourtit - Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry
  • Stuart Collier - Partner Institutions
  • Manuela Truebano Garcia – Faculty of Science & Engineering – Overall Winner


Excellence in Championing Career Development
Awarded to a staff member or a student who champions student employability and career development, this award is there to thank those who put students futures in the heart of everything they do. This can be from CV advice, help finding a job or simply just being a motivating or encouraging voice, it all makes a difference.

  • Stacey DeAmicis - Highly commended
  • Tracy Wilson - Winner


Most Innovative use of Teaching Methods
This award is for somebody who thinks outside the box when delivering the curriculum. Deviating from the standard of PowerPoint slides or reading from a textbook engages students and keeps them interested in what is being taught.

  • Jonathan Clark - Faculty of Business
  • Lisa Bunn - Faculty of Health & Human Sciences
  • Carole Stoddard - Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry
  • Laura West-Burnham - Partner Institutions
  • Nicholas Outram -  Faculty of Science & Engineering – Overall Winner


Inspirational Teaching
This award is for a staff member who shows passion and enthusiasm for teaching and inspires their students to be the best they can be. Sharing their depth of knowledge or demonstrating complex skills inside and outside a lecture or lab has the potential to inspire a student to achieve great things.

  • Tim Mills - Faculty of Arts & Humanities
  • Jasmine Kelland - Faculty of Business
  • Stacey DeAmicis - Faculty of Science & Engineering
  • Poorna Gunasekera - Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry
  • Michael Rose - Partner Institutions
  • Sarah Tobin - Faculty of Health & Human Sciences – Overall Winner


Most Effective Feedback
Awarded to a member of staff who returns feedback on assessments promptly and effectively. They provide clear and concise comments on what students did well and how you can improve.

  • Tom Cowan - Faculty of Arts & Humanities
  • Mohamed Haddoud - Faculty of Business
  • Michaela Gummerum - Faculty of Health & Human Sciences
  • Jill Schwartz - Faculty of Science & Engineering
  • Kate Roberts - Partner Institutions
  • Simon Fox – Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry – Overall Winner       


One in a Million Support Staff
Supporting students throughout their time at University can make a world of difference. This award is given to a member of support staff who goes above and beyond to make the lives of students better.

  • Charlotte Watkins - Highly commended
  • Beverley Bowden - Winner    


Outstanding Personal Tutor
A Personal Tutor can often be a life-line during students time at University on all things academic, pastoral and even career development. Having a Personal Tutor who champions and inspires students to do your very best, but also being there if things go wrong can make a real difference.

  • Liz Taplin - Faculty of Arts & Humanities
  • Craig Newbery-Jones - Faculty of Business
  • Jasper Graham-Jones - Faculty of Science & Engineering
  • Simon Fox - Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry
  • Claire Tully - Partner Institutions
  • Jenny Child – Faculty of Health and Huma Sciences – Overall Winner


Postgraduate Teacher/Supervisor of the Year         
A new award this year, designed specifically for Postgraduate students to recognise the efforts of their supervisor or a member of staff who teach them.

  • Jill Schwarz - Highly commended
  • Elaine Green – Winner


Sensational Programme lead
This award is for a Programme Lead who has made a recognisable difference to the experience of students within their programme through listening to student feedback, creating a working relationship with Course Reps and students and much more!

  • John White - Faculty of Business
  • Pam Nelmes - Faculty of Health & Human Sciences
  • Paul Davey - Faculty of Science & Engineering
  • Andrew Harris - Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry
  • Laura West Burnham - Partner Institutions  
  • Tom Cowan - Faculty of Arts and Humanities – Overall winner


School Rep of the Year
Schools Reps give up hours of their time to represent students in their School. This can sometimes be a difficult job so a School Rep who listens to students, acts upon feedback and creates real change deserves recognition!

  • Shannon Kowalski - Highly commended
  • Alexandra Buckle - Winner


Stand Out Forum Chair
UPSU has 15 student-led Forums ranging from Welfare to Environment & Sustainability and is an inclusive space for students to create real change within UPSU and Plymouth University.

  • Goda Cegialyte - Highly Commended
  • Omar Abu Seer - Winner        

Best Student Led Campaign/Idea

Across the University, there are great examples of students from different courses working together to achieve a joint goal. Whether this goal is to increase awareness of a topic and understanding the bigger picture, or create something amazing. This award is for a truly effective student led campaign that will make a change for University of Plymouth students.

  • Biomedical Scociety - 3in4 Campaign

Sustainability in the Curriculum Champion
Sustainability is the creation and maintenance of social, environmental and economic conditions that allow human and natural life to flourish and continue, without stalling the ability of future generations to flourish also. This award celebrates academics who have gone above and beyond to equip students with the knowledge, skills and attributes required to be sustainability leaders, as well as promoting good practice.

  • Clare Pettinger - Highly commended
  • Stuart Collier - Winner