Medical Student, Rhiannon Wilton, awarded her Dedicated Volunteer Award


Congratulations to Rhiannon Wilton who has completed her Dedicated Volunteer Award.

Rhiannon has been volunteering at Derriford Hospital Emergency Department through St John Ambulance. As a volunteer, Rhiannon has been able to support the NHS by freeing up other staff and help improve the care of patients. This has been greatly appreciated by the hospital staff. As a Medical student, she has found patient contact, working with other medical staff and using some of her clinical skills particularly rewarding and useful. She has also benefitted from increased confidence, independence and improved communication skills.



“I started my journey with St John Ambulance as a cadet when I was 16.  I was excited that there was the opportunity to continue volunteering with St John through the First Aid Society.  I became a St John Ambulance volunteer in my first year of university and have carried it through to the present day. 


Before Covid, we helped at events across the city including, but not limited to concerts at Plymouth pavilions, football at Plymouth Argyle and other sporting events such as the 5k and 10k runs.  As a medical student, this volunteering has provided me with huge opportunities over the last year.  Since Covid began, I completed additional training and moved from volunteering on events to helping in the Emergency Department at Derriford hospital.  I regularly talk with patients, help to make them comfortable and support staff with their role.  The skills I have learnt in this role have been so valuable to me in my pursuit of a career in medicine and I have learnt so much about myself and others in the process.


In addition to volunteering, I am also a part of the First Aid Society committee.  It is really important to me, to support other students to learn about basic first aid and, when needed, to help other like-minded people start their volunteering journey.  Volunteering helps you meet new people, learn new skills and is so rewarding at a personal level.  There are so many projects available, explore the options and immerse yourself in the opportunities.”


- Rhiannon Wilton, UPSU Dedicated Volunteer



Your Students’ Union would like to thank Rhiannon for the contribution she has made to our local community whilst studying at the University of Plymouth


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