Rent update regarding student accommodation


As your VP Wellbeing & Diversity I wanted to share an update on the work the Sabbatical Officer team is currently doing to address your concerns surrounding student accommodation. 


Conversations regarding University managed halls

We are continuing our conversations with the University regarding the university managed halls, urging them to make a decision on student rent concerns. I expressed students escalating concerns regarding student rents and how the University needs to do more in supporting student tenants during this ongoing situation. We are raising your concerns at every opportunity and want this to be addressed promptly. As soon as we receive any updates will be share them with you.


An Open Letter to Plymouth MPs regarding support for students relating to accommodation

As a Sabbatical Officer team, we have also written an email to the MPs of the Plymouth constituencies on behalf of the student body asking them for their support in lobbying the University as well as Private landlords to be considerate to students during this unprecedented time. In the email, we also acknowledged that this is a difficult time for all, so we stated in the email that Universities and accommodation providers should be supported by the Government so they can be able to do the same for the students.


Read the full letter here


If you would also like to write a letter to the Plymouth MPs seeking support during this time we encourage you to make your voice heard. Please find below a template letter that you can use.


Download the template letter here




As your elected officers, we will continue to listen to you and raise all of your concerns with the University. Every single piece of feedback you share with us is vital to ensure that we're representing you as best we can in the meetings and discussions we're in on your behalf. Please continue to share your feedback or concerns either by contacting us directly or through the form linked at the bottom of this article.



Previous updates on accommodation:


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