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Vote to keep UPSU

The University of Plymouth Students’ Union (UPSU) have decided to keep their name and not change it to be in line with Plymouth University. On Friday 29th April at UPSU’s board meeting involving elected student officers, external trustees and student trustees it was voted unanimously to keep the name University of Plymouth Students’ Union, following strong feedback from UPSU members. 

Throughout March and April UPSU asked Plymouth University students “Should UPSU change its name to be in line with Plymouth University?” The question was carried out online through and received 1,030 responses. 75% of respondents said UPSU shouldn't change its name and 20% said we should, with 5% not caring either way. 

Ruth Titmuss- Chair of UPSU Board and UPSU President said  

‘From the feedback you have given us, there is a strong voice for UPSU to keep our current name with 4 out of 5 students wishing to remain as the University of Plymouth Students' Union. It was important for us to ask our members (Plymouth University students) the question so you could provide us with the direction we are headed and the name you want to have ownership of. On a personal note, I’m also slightly relieved we are not going to be PU SU – imagine the varsity chants’ 

University of Plymouth Student' Union (UPSU) will remain the Students' Union name 
A full report of the survey will be published in the near future on