Outstanding Personal Tutor Award


Your Personal Tutor can often be a lifeline for all things academic and pastoral during your time at University. The Outstanding Personal Tutor Award recognises those Personal Tutors who make time for you and treat you as an individual, show willingness to listen, advocate your needs, champion and inspire and make a real difference to your University experience to help you to reach your full potential. 

And the winner is... 



Meriel Chudleigh
Lecturer in Adult Nursing (Education), Faculty of Health: Medicine, Dentistry and Human Sciences 

“Her endless and unwavering support is why I’ve made it to my final year of my degree. When I needed help, she reached out, she listened, she helped me, she supported me, she had all the time in the world for me, no questions asked. She got me, she understood me, she was the light in a very, very dark corner.” 

“Meriel has been the most supportive, understanding, knowledgeable tutor I could have ever wished for... when I don’t believe in myself she gives me the confidence and belief to carry on. I know if I have any concerns or worries Meriel will always respond, despite her busy schedule” 

“Meriel never makes me feel like I’m a burden given how much time she has committed to me and I feel like she genuinely cares about me and her other personal tutees. She has been the consistent sunshine through all of my dreary days.” 


The following members of University of Plymouth staff have been recognised by their students for their dedication and support and have been selected as winners within their Faculties. 

Mohamed Haddoud  
Lecturer in International Business Management, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business 

“I have nominated Mohamed Haddoud, because he is the reason why I’m still at Uni. I had a really bad first semester in my second year, and came to him for a meeting to tell him that I was dropping out and what did I need to do for it. Even though it was late in the day he stayed and spoke with me (2 .5 hours), helped me and advised me. I went to that meeting to leave but came away feeling motivated.” 

“He is always happy to help, and makes you really focus on yourself as a human being as well as a student. He listens to everything and will even keep in touch with me in his own personal time to make sure I’m still on track.” 


Ralph Fyfe  
Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering 

“I want to say thank you for everything you have done to support me throughout the two years. You're a very understanding tutor that treats everyone as an individual, listens to personal difficulties and problem and provides help when required. In being a personal tutor and a lecturer your willingness to accommodate to people, shows who you are as a person. How encouraging you are within lecturers and one on one meetings; your advice has contributed to university being a positive experience.” 

“With the dissertation process you were the person who responded to me and supported, recommended ideas surrounding the topic. For that I thank you otherwise I wouldn't have been able to submit a title.” 



All nominees: 

  • Alex Nimmo Smith 
  • Alison Stokes 
  • Angela Smith 
  • Caroline Jamison 
  • David McMullan 
  • Dr Alison Bacon 
  • Dr Benjamin Ciotti 
  • Dr Brian Campbell 
  • Dr George Littlejohn 
  • Dr Jill Schwarz 
  • Dr Peter Bokody 
  • Dr Poorna Gunasekera 
  • Elizabeth Bates 
  • Georgina Chandler 
  • Harriet Wade-West 
  • Heather Hopper 
  • Hetal Buckhurst 
  • Janet Kelsey 
  • Jaysan Charlesford 
  • Jenny Sharp 
  • Katherine Evans 
  • Katie Angliss 
  • Kay Lobo 
  • Liz Stuart 
  • Liz Taplin 
  • Lucy Jenner 
  • Luke Fisher 
  • Lyvinia Elleschild 
  • Maggie Brennan 
  • Manuela Truebano 
  • Marilyn Wells 
  • Mark Briffa 
  • Matthew Carey 
  • Meriel Chudleigh 
  • Mohamed Haddoud 
  • Nicholas Outram 
  • Peter Cotton 
  • Ralph Fyfe 
  • Sarah Guy 
  • Simon Fox 
  • Theresa Compton 
  • Tom Walvin 
  • Tracey Collett 
  • Zoe Mildon