Megan logs over 200 hours volunteering for the community, her society and as a student rep

Written by: UPSU

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In March, University of Plymouth student Megan Williams successfully logged an amazing 200 hours of volunteering to help the community, her society, and student representation.



Volunteering for the Forward Trust

Throughout her journey, Megan has volunteered weekly for the Forward Trust, a British Charity who helps individuals with Drug and Alcohol Dependence. Part of Megan's role includes signposting service for individuals who are struggling with alcohol and drugs, as well as supporting and educating family and friends. Megan’s journey with the Forward Trust has enhanced her understanding of Alcohol and Drug issues and has enabled her to deal with different situations and gain valuable experience and understanding in an occupation she wants persue after graduating.


Megan's role as a University of Plymouth School Rep

Megan is also a School Rep for the Faculty of Society and Culture here at the University of Plymouth. Megan describes this ongoing role as highly enjoyable and rewarding but also challenging, as she is able to feedback to the departments issues within her faculty and ensure that students' questions and concerns are heard.


Volunteering for the role [of School Rep] it’s really nice to hear from the students and finding out their experience, whether it is positive or negative.


Being Chair of the CrimSoc committee

Megan's experience and skills developed as her role as a School Rep has also helped feed into her role of Chair on the CrimSoc committee. In this role, she has been able to confidently host and organise social events and engage with members to ensure they are getting what they want to out of their membership and non-academic experience at the University. Megan shares that their most successful and memorable event this year was their 'murder mystery' event which was ran alongside Raise and Give.


Alongside her key role volunteering areas, Megan also volunteers for Jeremiah’s Journey, helping to support events and with their recent re-branding, and has been involved in volunteer work for festivals such as Port Eliot Estate Tunes in the Park. 


Your course is obviously the biggest part of your University experience, but at the same time getting involved in other events and volunteering, and also knowing that there is other support out there as well is all part of it; it's not just the academic staff!


To date, Megan has logged 243 hours of volunteering. Congratulations Megan you are an asset to UPSU!