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Meet Verity, VP Activities 2020/2021

Written by: UPSU

Verity's acceptance speech at the Election Results Night 2020

Verity Lemm is your VP Activities for the 2020 - 2021 academic year. Previously VP Sports for 2019 - 2020, Verity was re-elected in March to take on the newly created role VP Activities.

As VP Activities, Verity is responsible for sports clubs, societies, volunteering, social sport, fundraising, student media, employability, community and partnerships, International Students,  Mature Students, Sustainability and Partner Colleges.


Hi guys, I’m Verity, although I am often called V! My family live just west of Reading in the UK, and I grew up in a small village where the only amenity was a pub, (not even a shop). I started Plymouth University in 2016, straight from 6th form.  


Coming to University was a great decision, however, I initially hated being away from home, it was no lie to say the first few weeks were rocky! Netball was a great savior and I really began to find my feet. I studied for 3 years whilst being very committed to the netball club and having a great social life. I thoroughly enjoyed my course and graduating was a very proud moment for me after being lucky enough to experience my 2 older sisters graduating, both twice before me. Since wanting to move home and give up in first year, I am now just embarking on my 5th year in Plymouth with no intentions of ever leaving! 


I have learned firsthand how the student experience can help shape individuals and provide them with unique opportunities. Working within UPSU as a sabbatical officer has given me the opportunity to give something back by representing student views, supporting them with all their endeavors and providing opportunity for student development.  


I am really honored to be a sabbatical officer for a second year and I am so excited for all the challenges ahead. As Vice President Activities I am responsible for clubs, societies, volunteering and student development- making sure that students are represented and provided with the best opportunities possible. All I hope is that all students have a great experience, in whatever shape or form, and if I can help play any part in that then I will be so happy! Here’s to a great year! 



What made you choose to study at the University of Plymouth? 


When I was looking around many Universities during my time in 6th form, Plymouth was the only university that I ‘clicked with’. I loved the feel of the campus, small, yet with a great vibe. Something just felt right about Plymouth! (and I was so right). 



What did you study? 


I studied Biological sciences. 3 years, BSc.  



What made you want to become a Sabbatical Officer? 


Whilst at University I knew I wanted to play netball. Signing up to a sports team was the very first thing I did during fresher’s week! Being part of a sports team within UPSU helped me develop as an individual, in my 2nd year I sat on Netball committee, and in 3rd year I was a BUCS captain. This sparked my interest further into how student group are run, and how much of an impact they can have on an individual’s experience. Becoming a sabb felt like a natural progression from this.  



If you could go back to your first day of Uni, what one piece of advice would you give yourself? 


Join swimming and water polo!! I was torn between netball and swimming and water polo, I chose netball, but since being a sabb I have joined water polo and I just wish I had found time during my degree. My advice would be, join everything you fancy, and make decisions about it all as you go… you won’t know unless you try!  



What’s your favourite memory of your whole time at the University of Plymouth? 


This is really tough, but it would have to be one of my netball matches in second year. We beat Bournemouth by a couple of goals and secured the league title. All the hard work paid off, and I was soon asked to be the captain for the following year!  



What would you like to achieve on behalf of students this year to make their lives better? 


I want to use my experience over the last year, to really make a difference for students. I have set my self aims to work at a higher level than last year, such as putting myself forward for Board of Governors, and the BUCS south-west committee. I have gained so many skills and I’ve grown in confidence, I need to apply this in the best way possible, to really be a voice for students at the highest level possible. 



What's a song that sums up you or your time at Uni and why?


I have two that I can’t chose between:


All I do is Win - DJ Khaled feat. Ludacris, Rick Ross, T-Pain & Snoop Dogg

Every time we win at netball we play this song and celebrate! It really reminds me of all the great moments I had with netball.


Desire - Sub Focus & Dimension

This song was big when I was in 3rd year and really reminds me of my university experience. I and my friends all love this song! It will forever remind me of 3rd year and the great memories.  



What did you want to be when you were growing up? 


I knew I wanted to be a scientist. I wanted to study the stars, but later on I realized Biology was definitely my favorite discipline.  



Where would you most like to be right now? 


I would really like to be in a remote part of the world, learning the local’s way of life and being resourceful. I would love to experience a different way life and help people less fortunate than myself. During this corona pandemic it has become easy to feel shut off and isolated from the world. It would be nice to remind myself that there is so much to learn about the world and so much beauty to experience!  



What’s your most embarrassing moment? 


In year 6, at my leaver’s assembly, I managed to fall off the stage backwards in my summer dress and flashed my pink pants to everyone! 5 minutes later I was awarded the sports personality of the year… makes sense!!  



Quick Fire:


Sweet or savoury - Savoury 

Cats or dogs - Cats 

Call or message - Message 

Quiet night in or night out  - Night out 


Night owl or early bird - Early Bird 

Summer or Winter - Summer 

Eat out or takeaway - Eat Out 

TV show or movie - Movie 

Ideal holiday: city break or middle of nowhere - Middle of no where 


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