Life in Plym: A new podcast all about life as a student at the University of Plymouth


Life in Plym is a brand new podcast brought to you by Tilda Fraser and Millie Green. Both Tilda and Millie are recent graduates and were your President and VP Education respectively for the last academic year. Even though they've left their roles as Sabbatical Officers they're still passionate about improving your experience as a student and this podcast is their latest project.

The podcasts are an opportunity to take a break from your screen, sit back and listen to some firsthand advice from those who've been there and done it.

Read more about the podcast series - who it's for, how you can access it and how you can get your questions answered below from this introduction from Tilda and Millie themselves.



What will the Uni of Plym be like in September? There are plenty of uncertainties right now, but your student experience doesn't have to be one of them!  

The Life in Plym podcast will answer your questions about what being a student in a socially distanced world will look like. Hosted by two recent graduates from the University, Millie and Tilda. We chat about our student experience and interview students, staff and the Students’ Union. 


Who is it for? 

The Life in Plym podcast is for new students and returning students. It’s for anyone who wants to know more about student life in Plymouth this Semester. Whether you want to learn something new, get some reassurance, or just want to hear a friendly voice whilst you're sitting at home! 

How did it come about? 

We feel like everyone could do with a break from looking at screens. Whether you’ve been studying at home or binge watching Netflix, we have all been glued to our screens more than we’d like in recent months. Because of this, creating a podcast was requested by students, during a feedback workshop earlier this year. So, the podcast only exists because of listening to the student voice, pretty cool huh?  


What will we talk about? 

  • How to work from home and stay happy (Episode 1, woo!) 
  • International students, a three part series including interviews! 
  • Personal tutoring 
  • What to do if something goes wrong on my course? 
  • Anxiety 
  • Student Interviews on mental health and Autism  
  • Socialising whilst social distancing  
  • Social distancing in the City  
  • What to bring to a socially distanced university 

And so much more… 


When and where can I find it?  

Episodes go live every Monday and Wednesday! Some episodes will be released as a series, meaning we share multiple episodes on the same topic.  

You can find us on Spotify here.

And we are working on getting shared across other streaming sites soon. 

For reminders of new episodes, follow the Student Hub on Instagram, as we do takeovers whenever we share an episode.


Have you got a topic you want us to talk about? Get in touch with or