Student Course Rep, Lea Scott, takes home her Dedicated Volunteer Award for 100+ Volunteering Hours!



Congratulations to Lea Scott for completing the UPSU Dedicated Volunteer Award for 100+ volunteering hours this year. Lea has been volunteering this year with the Police Cadets, Citizens in Policing and the Newbridge Foundation all on top of volunteering as a Course Rep for the School of Psychology within the University of Plymouth.

Lea thoroughly enjoyed the experience even with the added challenges that volunteering during a pandemic have presented. She believes the skills she has gained, which include effective communication, stronger leadership skills, increased empathy and emotional resilience will be of great use as she enters a placement year. Lea hopes to transfer some of her volunteering to local providers and continue with others which can be done remotely.



“My passion to help people began in 2015 when I became a police cadet with Avon and Somerset. Wearing a uniform and having pride to be part of something amazing drove my love to help communities and people around me! Since then I have been involved with National Citizens Service as a volunteer and leader, with Coach bright where I was a mentor and helping with higher education and students. My volunteering accelerated at university where I became a Course Rep for the School of Psychology, I have been involved with the Citizens in Policing project, I currently volunteer with New Bridge and I am a cadet leader for Devon and Cornwall! Alongside all my commitments I am juggling the completion on my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award which is very exciting! 

I am ecstatic to see that I have reached 100 hours of volunteering in around 6 months!!! Really goes to show how much time you can put in around your studies to help others around you grow and develop but also inspire! My opportunities have lead me to secure a placement within a prison for September 2021 and really goes to show what your experiences can lead you to uncover!

One main thing I would like to portray to other students is that volunteering is so important for personal development, your career and also to fuel your passion! Get involved in your community, make a difference and make yourself proud!"

- Lea Scott, UPSU Dedicated Volunteer



Lea, a heartfelt thanks from your Students' Union for the contribution you have made to our local community during this challenging year.


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