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Launch of DLE reporting system



We want to ensure lecture material are uploaded at least 48 hours before a lecture to avoid disadvantaging students.

Student feedback has suggested that key lecture material, eg. PowerPoint presentations, is not consistently put on their Digital Learning Environment (DLE) 48 hours before a lecture. This is currently part of an agreement from the university and should be adhered to throughout (under the DLE section here

This October the SU has launched an online reporting tool that will help us to help you make sure you are getting the right services on your course

Millie Green - Vice President Education said

"I believe that the ability to achieve and participate at university should be equal for all students. They should not be put in a disadvantaged position and learning should be inclusive for all.  A lecturer putting up slides 48 hours before a lecture is already university policy and is such a simple thing to implement, but it is not consistently happening. I want to lobby the university with your help help so that no student has to be disadvantaged and all can have access to a fair education. Many UK universities also have similar policies to ensure students are able to prepare for lectures but to also not disadvantage students who may need to print handouts on a particular coloured paper for example."


Millie Green
VP Wellbeing & Diversity, 2019/2020
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