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The University of Plymouth Jiu Jitsu Club is a sports club established in 1979: a club whose founder went on to establish the Jiu Jitsu Foundation, one of the world's oldest Foundation Clubs of its kind!

The student club has hosted some of the most prestigious Sensei to run grading, training sessions and workshops to pool knowledge from across the UK and the wider reach of the Foundation. These Sensei have been training since 1980 and are the highest ranked Jitsu Ka in the Foundation

Club chair Sam Fortmann shared with us more about this event and how the Foundation was first formed...



"The Jiu Jitsu Foundation is one of the broadest-reaching Japanese Jiu Jitsu Institutions in the world.

The Jitsu practiced by those schools and clubs that make up the Foundation is a modern and unique style called Shorinji Kan, developed for day-to-day applications (we aren't dueling Samurai anymore!!).

This style was brought over and developed in Yorkshire but the first collegiate club was set up here, at the University of Plymouth, by Peter Farrar. Peter learned from Brian Graham, the founder of this Jitsu style, and after forming the University of Plymouth Jiu Jitsu club he started to develop what we now know to be the Jiu Jitsu Foundation."




Keep an eye out on Team Plymouth Instagram for their takeover weekend!

The Jiu Jitsu Club will be doing a takeover on the 25th and 26th of November on the Team Plymouth Instagram account as they head to Sheffield for Atemi for a BUCS competition for traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu


[At Atemi] We practice a modern style called Shorinji Kan, which is essentially designed for modern self defense.

This open tournament will be a weekend long experience, where Jitsu Ka from all over the world will come to compete in combat and train with Sensei from far and wide. Often more than 500 Students participate in this event and the open tournament on the second day promises to exhibit some of the most advanced practice of Japanese Jui Jitsu in the world."

.  -- Sam Fortmann



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