Plymouth History Society on rebuilding their group and the Mayflower 400

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The History Society was recreated in 2018 with the help of the current Health and Social Secretary, Jess Atkinson.


“I went about joining the history society in 2nd year, however, I attended the society fair and it was nowhere to be found. This led me to enquire regarding this and consequently set up a new one with my course mates! Since then, I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the committee and running socials/events for my fellow history lovers to enjoy”.


Jess Atkinson - History Society, Health and Social Secretary


Since the creation of the society, we have hosted many socials and events, such as quizzes, themed nights and even charity events. Many of our members like the fact that we are partnered with Revolution and hold most of our events there.


A massive thank you to everybody who came to our Eras party last night, we hope you all had a great night. We will be posting the details for our next members special soon UoPHistSoc

Posted by UoP History Society on Wednesday, 19 February 2020


“The History Society has been a great support network for my first year at uni. Especially for someone who can be very anxious to break down scary formalities and make strong friendships that help alongside studies.”


First-year member


An important factor to remember when discussing the History Society is that you do not have to be a member to attend our socials. This is noticed by our members, who say “it is more inclusive and means you can bring other people”. Despite the current pandemic, the committee are working hard to ensure members have a great time and are following current government guidelines when planning upcoming events, to create a support network and community during a tough time.


Mayflower 400


^ The Mayflower Steps in Plymouth, built as a memorial to the historic voyage


This is a significant time for Plymouth history due to the Mayflower 400.

Mayflower 400 UK is an honest, broad and inclusive commemoration of the ship’s sailing from England to America and its often challenging legacy

It will mark the 400th anniversary year from now through 2021 like never before in history.

For the first time, audiences across the globe will be taken far beyond the story of the ‘Pilgrim Fathers’ and the one dimensional version of the Mayflower voyage. It will examine the history from multiple angles, explore the experiences of those impacted and tell of the ruthless consequences of colonisation.

This anniversary year will face up to these difficult truths and tell stories of persecution, loss and oppression as well as exploring the themes of migration, humanity and freedom that underpin its place in history.

The cultural programme will work in tandem with the Wampanoag Nation, the very people who once stood alongside the Mayflower’s passengers but eventually saw their lands and homes brutally taken from them and ultimately the slaughter of their proud people.

The commemoration is a shared history of four nations – the Wampanoag, UK, USA and Netherlands – each committed to unpacking the untold stories and highlighting the experiences of different ethnic groups both in history and today as well as studying both the religious and commercial reasons for the Pilgrims’ journey.

Groundbreaking productions such as This Land will see the Wampanoag people work side by side with UK residents in a remarkably ambitious piece of transatlantic community theatre. The exhibition of a new Wampum Belt by the Wampanoag on English shores is a global event of huge historic significance.

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