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Have you registered with a GP yet?


Amid settling into your course and accommodation, learning to navigate Zoom, exploring your new city, meeting new people and finding your community – it’s been a busy month.

But, whether you’re a new or returning student, there’s one thing that should be on the top of your to-do list if you haven’t already done it - registering with a GP.

If you spend more weeks in the year at your University address than your non-term time address then you need to register with a GP local to the University as soon as possible. That way if you need medical support or emergency care you will be able to access the services when you need them. 

This is especially important if you have an ongoing health condition, particularly one that requires medication.



Here are just a couple of local GP Surgeries that are taking on new patients:

The University Medical Centre

The University Medical Centre provides general medical services for students at the University of Plymouth.

Find out more about the services available to you as a student here, or visit the University Medical Centre's website to register as a patient here.

Pathfields Medical Group

Pathfields Medical Group have six sites across the Plymouth, find out more about them here.

Read more about registering as a new patient as a student here.


Find your local GP here



Dental Care


Your GP will not be able to help you with dental issues so don’t leave it until there’s a problem to register with a Dentist.


Find an NHS dentist



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