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Faith Sharing Group Meets at the UoP Chaplaincy



The Catholic Chaplain is starting a new group at The University of Plymouth Pastoral and Spiritual Support on Wednesday Evenings from 5pm until 7pm. 

The Faith Sharing Group meets every Wednesday 6pm to 7pm in the Universities Spiritual Support building which you can find at 1 Kirkby Terrace, University of Plymouth, PL4 8AA. This is a place that gives you an opportunity to explore the big questions of life and the answers provided by the Christian Faith. People from all faiths and none are welcome. 



Over the next couple of months, they will be looking at 'The Bible Timeline' which is a Bible study that teaches the major people, places and events of the Bible and becomes familiar with the wonderful narrative of Scripture in an inspiring and transformative way. 


We would like to remind students that this is the University of Plymouth Chaplaincy and NOT the SU that has this space. 

Find out more about the University Chaplaincy here