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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for us all to help others and create impact within our communities is increasingly important. Enactus is trying to contribute to this effort.


Enactus is a global community of students, creating real businesses and social enterprises to tackle issues both in the local area and abroad. Our main aim is to make a difference, by turning opportunity into action and focusing on the concerns that currently need addressing.

We develop social enterprise projects in small teams, with the help of a widespread network of academics, Enactus alumni and business advisors. We are all students, so we have numerous events and socials, and Enactus attracts a community of friendly, likeminded people so there are many friends to be made. Enactus is open to all students, no matter the degree subject and we currently have members from a range of degree subjects.


“Joining Enactus has been one of the biggest highlights at uni. It has introduced me to a lot of new people who some are now very close friends, it has made a realise how fortunate I have been growing up with the necessities like food and shelter. Seeing the impact, a society can make on people’s lives is the best part about it!”


 Shaina Salan, a third-year student.


We empower students to want to make a difference by having the opportunity to select which projects most interest them. Additionally, if somebody has identified a possible solution to an issue, they have the opportunity of developing their idea into a fully operational social enterprise.

One of our previous projects was Enviro, creating a sustainable fashion line in collaboration with young adults recovering from mental health issues and alongside local artists. The workshops provided a creative outlet to support the recovery process.

Recreo is a current project we are working on. It provides a course where employability skills such as CV building and interview skills are taught and practised, focusing on aiding Refugees in Plymouth to gain employment, with the help of an interpreter.



Alongside this, we compete as a Plymouth team against other university Enactus teams from across the country at annual regional and national competitions, displaying our projects and showcasing the impact we have made over the last year. There is the opportunity to be part of the presentation team, which is another way Enactus can improve members presentation skills, levels of confidence, and networking skills.

“Enactus has inspired my business and organisational skills, through amazing charitable projects that have meant I have made some great friends”,


Bethany Lee, a third-year international relations and politics student.


^ An event that Enactus has previously held is a gender equality networking event where we had inspirational female speakers, to empower women. It was an event designed to create a community of women who could teach and learn from each other’s experiences.


Anyone can get involved by watching out for any upcoming events on the activities portal and showing interest by going onto enactusuk.org/join webpage where we can send you further information about any events and meetings.

Also, feel free to message our social media pages with any questions.

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