Creative Teaching Award


This Creative Teaching Award is awarded to someone who thinks outside the box when delivering the curriculum. They deviate from the use of PowerPoint slides or reading from a textbook, incorporate a number of different teaching methods and effectively engage students and keeps them interested in what is being taught. 

And the winner is... 



Tim O’Hare 
Deputy Head of School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering) 

“Since I started Tim’s, OS102 module, I was dreading it because I hated physics but not only was Tim encouraging but also gave a lot of his personal time to tutor me personally. We had a great time at the lectures and had academic email discussions about our interests in marine biology” 

“We have a lot of fond memories and I'm glad to say I did well in the module all thanks to Tims support and memorable lectures.” 



All nominees: 

  • Hanne Knight 
  • Nick Outrum 
  • Susan Mitchell 
  • Tim O'Hare