Cost of living support for students: Community Larder

Written by: UPSU


The UPSU Community Larder is here to help students through the cost-of-living crisis.

As prices of rent, utilities and food items have skyrocketed, students face even more struggles to make ends meet. This is directly affecting the academic performance and general wellbeing of students. In order to support these students in the most effective way possible, the SU have launched the Community Larder.

The ongoing success of this initiative will rely on donations from staff, students and local businesses. If you are not able to donate items but would like to volunteer your time or suggest an idea for the development of the service, you can do so here.

List of items needed for Community Larder:

  • Dry Carbohydrates (Rice pasta noodles)
  • Jars of sauces
  • Porridge, snack bars and cereal
  • Tinned veg ( inc potatoes)
  • Jams, spreads
  • Quick meals- pot noodles, instant mash, pasta and sauce, packet rice
  • Soups
  • Ready to use pulses (tins of beans, chickpeas)
  • Tinned proteins (tuna, sandwich paste, spam, jars of hotdogs)
  • Stock cubes, spices, salt and pepper
  • Condiments
  • Alternative milks (shelf stable)

How to access support from the Larder:

To make sure that those in need are made aware of all support available to them we ask that you visit the Student Hub, located in the Library, in order to be referred to the Larder. 

Once we have received your referral from Hub, we will get in contact with you to arrange the most mutually convenient time to pick up a food parcel. 

Contents of the food parcels will vary dependent on what donations we have received. We will always try to accomodate any dietary requirements.