Q&A sessions launched to answer your questions around the Safety Net


Working with the University we have put in place digital Q&A sessions that will enable you to ask questions directly to the people that are working on the issues for you. You will be able to anonymously submit questions through our student-only system and also vote on questions submitted by others. This system is exclusive to University of Plymouth students.

Once the question window has closed the questions will then be looked at by your student representatives and they will then be shared with the relevant area of the university to address. We will then be hosting a recorded conversation with the university to discuss your questions raised, this will then be shared back with you. 

It is vital that we ensure that your voice is being listened to and we will work to address the issues that are affecting you most.   



Q&A Session: Safety Net 

The first subject we would like to discuss with the University is the situation surrounding the Safety Net, how it is being managed by the University and our position nationally.  


What do you want to know? Submit your questions here



How it works:  


  • The question window will be open until Tuesday 19th January at 5pm.
  • Any University of Plymouth student can submit a question relevant to the topic.
  • Questions can be up voted and down voted if you see other questions that you feel would be important to address on the topic.
  • Once the question window is closed, representatives will discuss the questions and present them to the University.
  • The questions will then be addressed in a video conversation between relevant student representatives and University staff.



Please be aware that any questions that are not relevant to the topic will not be answered. There may be questions that are not directly answered in the session but may be addressed at a later date.

We believe everyone should be free from intimidation or harassment and therefore questions that may be considered offensive will be removed by the moderator (UPSU staff) - more information can be found via the link below.

Q&A Session: Safety Net Submit your questions