A guide to sexual health services and support in Plymouth

Written by: UPSU

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Looking after your sexual health whilst at university is an important aspect of your wellbeing. Regardless of your age, gender or sexual orientation, everyone needs to be aware of how to take care of their sexual health and where to go if you need find advice or testing. 

Getting tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) when you are at university is nothing to be embarrassed about or shy away from. Regular testing is recommended to everyone, regardless of whether you are student or not if you are sexually active. 

By getting tested regularly, you can help keep yourself safe. Many STIs can be treated easily, particularly if they are caught in the early stages and before they may progress into an STD. Regular testing also means you greatly reduce the risk of passing on an STI to someone else. 

Even if you take precautions when having sex to prevent sexual transmitted infections and diseases by using condoms, it is still recommended to get an STD or STI check if you are sexually active. 



Sexual Health in Plymouth (SHiP)


Sexual Health in Plymouth (SHiP) provides free and confidential sexual health and contraception services without the need for a referral and is open to everyone.

Their no referral needed advice and testing services include: 

SHiP also provides STI home testing kits. You can order your STI kit online here if you live in Plymouth, Devon or Cornwall. 




The C@SHiP scheme is a confidential service which entitles anyone aged 13–24 living in Plymouth and Devon quick and easy access to regular condoms for free every 12 weeks. To access this scheme, you must register to their Personal Health Record (PHR). You will need an email address and mobile number. 

Once you have registered, you can choose how you recieve your condoms: 

  1. By post: If you choose to have your condoms posted out to you, they will arrive in a discreet envelope to your chosen address.
  2. Collection: You can arrange to collect your condoms from one of our many distribution centres (pharmacies, youth services and shops).

There are a number of condom distribution centres in Plymouth where you can collect your condoms. As a University of Plymouth student, you can collect your condoms from the University of Plymouth Students' Union (SU) building. You can collect your condoms from the SU during the following times: 

  • Monday 1pm -4pm
  • Tuesday 1pm -4pm
  • Wednesday 1pm -4pm
  • Thursday 1pm – 4pm

For more information on the C@SHiP scheme and to watch important videos on consent and how to effectively use condoms, prior to signing up, click here.



The Zone


The Zone, located on Union Street, Plymouth, offer free and confidential information and support for all young people aged 13-25. This includes health and wellbeing, relationships and sexual health support. 

The Zone offers you the opportunity speak to one of their trained workers in confidence, as well as get free condoms, STI screening and pregnancy testing. The Zone can also help you to access emergency contraception and other specialist sexual health services.


We also run a free sexual health clinics where a specialist sexual health nurse from SHiP offers sexual health advice as well as all forms of contraception, including; pills, injections and implants, treatments for STIs, and emergency contraception. -- The Zone


Find out more about The Zone's sexual health and relationship services by clicking on the following links: 

If you would like to see one of the nurses, you can book an appointment online here. 

Address: The Zone, 14 - 16 Union Street, Plymouth, PL1 2SR
Email: info@thezoneplymouth.co.uk | Phone number: 01752 206626


Our services, available 6 days a week and supported by a dedicated team of volunteers, offer young people emotional support and information around housing, sexual health and mental health and the options available to them. We can also offer information about, and make referrals to, specialist services, both within The Zone and elsewhere. -- The Zone.