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Have a personal memory brought to life with 3D printing, the perfect gift for a loved one this festive season!

  • 3D Printed Photo

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What is a 3D photo? Well, technically called a Lithophane, it is a 3D representation of a photo that can be seen when illuminated from behind. This works by varying the thickness in the 3D print to allow different levels of light through, creating a truly unique art piece. What are these good for? These make wonderful gifts for any occasion. If you’re like me, I like to give unique custom gifts that are a little more personal than the norm. This is the perfect way to achieve that. Plus, it’s a cool way to highlight 3D printing which is not familiar to everyone.

1) Message my Instagram to place an order. 3D Photos (£9.99 - 6x4").
2) Send me your personal image, landscape or portrait, and I will resize it appropriately. Pictures with close up detail give great results! *Please note for the best outcome I need a high-quality image.
3) I will convert your image into a digital model and use this to print your 3D Photo. (The final 3D Photo will be slightly smaller than 6x4" to allow for the 60-degree curve needed for it to be freestanding.)
4) Sit back and wait for delivery, it really is quite a strange experience seeing a white sheet of plastic come to life with light!