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Reflecting on the latest REACH-UP Mentoring event

Written by: Tonari Arikekpar, SU President

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Tonari Arikekpar, your SU President, shares an overview of the latest REACH-UP Mentoring event which took place on Wednesday 13th March 2024...



"The energy at our 2nd REACH-UP Mentoring Event was simply amazing. 

Witnessing brilliant international student minds unite around the theme was pure inspiration. Our extraordinary mentor lineup - global trailblazers who overcame immense obstacles - dropped nothing but gems. 

Their raw, vulnerable stories of grit and perseverance were so relatable. You could see lightbulbs going off as students realised: “I can make it too if I stay committed.”


But REACH-UP was more than just motivation; it fostered real human connections and tangible mentorship to nurture long-term growth. Leaders poured wisdom into the next generation - strategies for academic/career success, building confidence, and finding purpose. 

Those bonds forged will have ripple effects for years, fueling ambitions and uplifting voices too often marginalised. When we invest in elevating each other across cultures, that’s how we catalyse change.


I’m endlessly grateful to our phenomenal mentors and the brilliant students who showed up so hungry to learn and connect. Your passion, determination and hunger for knowledge gives me immense hope for our future.



   Photo: Guest speakers at REACH-UP 2024


Events like REACH-UP remind me that limitless potential awaits when we link arms, shatter ceilings, and guide each other higher. The world needs more trailblazers and leaders - and they were all in that room. Just watch them soar!  

Watch out for the next Reach-Up event!"