Part-time Postgraduate Research Officer February Update

Written by: Ahmed Hammad, Part-time Postgraduate Research Officer


* So far, the PGRs are quite happy with the engagement in the PGR community. They are feeling that they have a solid platform they belong to now.

* They need more events and social gatherings.  

Update regarding my manifesto

* I believe that the WhatsApp and Facebook groups have lots of PGRs now, meaning that our community is getting bigger and bigger which is great, but I am aiming to add more to the community so that we can be one big family from different disciplines and majors.

Meetings or events attended

* On the 2nd of December 2022, We had an amazing Christmas lunch day with over 60 PGRs and lovely Staff at Cookworthy Building. The atmosphere was amazing. The food was delicious. The people were lovely and everyone was having fun, interacting, connecting, and making new friends. You can see that from the Pictures.

* Moreover, We had another Christmas Lunch day at the SU Lounge in collaboration with PGT society. Lots of music, food, and people were involved and it was a lovely day to spend at the SU. 

* On 25th of December, we had a Christmas dinner with Global Plymouth so that anyone who is staying alone that day can join this dinner in order not to feel isolated. It was a great gesture to connect everyone together on that day.

* Additionally, on 13th of January 2023, there was a gaming event at Ronald Levinsky Building called Future Undokai project, meaning sports day in Japanese in which we create the game and then play it. It was a lovely event.

* Recently, on 17th of January 2023, there was a big event called open doors which was held at Argyle football club to spread awareness about social isolation and how to fight it. Over 40 exhibiters were there about different kind of services. Also, the mayor was there. Many workshops and activities were held including gaming and sporting workshops which were lovely and engaging. Everyone was happy.  

Upcoming events

1) There is an event with Global Plymouth called: ???? ?????????????????? ?????? ???? ?????????????? ?????????? which will be done on 18th of February 2023 from 10AM till 3PM. Buses will be available to everyone and it is totally free.

More details are at that link:

2) There is a cultural event that will be organised in 3rd of March, bringing people from different cultures wearing their own costumes of their own countries. More details will be posted soon.

3) In summer, we are thinking of making a tour to Durdle door at Dorset and organising a summer ball for PGRs. These summer events are still in the planning phase. So stay tuned.