Peninsula Medical School Rep Update

Written by: Marjolein Hewlett, Peninsula Medical School Rep


Improvements I have been working on/have worked on:

  • SSLC development meeting

I worked on this with the Head of School Laura Bowater, more on this under “Meetings I have attended”.

  • Communication working group

Based on conversations within SSLC, I am planning on setting up a communication working group. I have set up a team including two other student representatives to help me run the group. I want this to ideally become a regular meeting to be able to discuss improvements in communication in-depth. I also plan to invite students to attend these meetings, so that we can get as much representation and feedback as possible.

  • Working on the DLE

I am currently working on this with the Head of Feedback John Chilton, more on this under “Meeting I have attended”.

  • MLA AKT practice test for year three students

I am working with the assessment team to help get a suitable date for a practise MLA AKT test for my cohort to sit alongside the year 4 students.

  • Student representation at committee meetings

Since starting as School Representative, I noticed that committee meetings outside of SSLC did not include student voice



  • Meeting with head of assessment with other student reps regarding MLA AKT

My cohort is going to be the first to use the MLA in our final year of medical school. The students have lots of questions regarding the exam, and during this meeting lots of questions were answered and it was decided that our cohort would have a meeting with Jolanta Kisielewska as an opportunity to ask questions.

  • Union council meeting

I contributed to the idea of creating a Teams page for the Union Council – this is something that worked well for communicating with my student reps to keep everything in one place for people to refer to (e.g., their meeting allocations).

  • SSLC development meeting

This was a meeting that I worked on with the Head of School, Laura Bowater. There were some problems with communication earlier in the year regarding placement allocations, and we wanted to create a space to discuss this in-depth and learn from what happened. We created an agenda (see image), and it was a very productive meeting. I chaired the meeting, and felt this provided an open, reflective space.

  • Meeting with head of feedback John Chilton

This was a meeting where we discussed the DLE, and how we adjust it to help signposting for student wellbeing. This was a big point in my manifesto, and my idea includes to put “student support” at the forefront so that it is easier to find. From this meeting, I am also planning on working further into the SSLC DLE page, so that it has a rolling update of things going on within SSLC meetings.

  • SSLC meeting

This was the most recent SSLC meeting. This was the second of the year I had chaired, and this was a very productive and efficient meeting where we covered lots of topics including assessments, Taunton and Torbay accommodation and buses.