Marrow had a great year of signup - Sign up now to be a Marrow Donor

Written by: Marrow

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Over the last year Plymouth Marrow have worked tirelessly to sign up people to the Stem Cell register as well as raising money to help support the work of Anthony Nolan. 

Their hard work paid off and were recently awarded 3rd highest Donor Recruitment at the National Marrow Awards. They managed to sign up to 348 potential life savers to the register over multiple donor recuirtment events.

Only 3% of the population are currently signed up to the stem cell register so any efforts to sign people up help increase the likelihood of a match. Currently patients from a minority ethnic background have a 37% chance of finding a match while Caucasian patients have a 72% chance. Therefore there are many patients waiting for that perfect match.

If you are interested in volunteering for Plymouth Marrow or would like any further information make sure to follow them on:




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