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University of Plymouth Law Society Compete in the Negotiations Competition

Written by: the University of Plymouth Law Society

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On the 7th of December 2022, Claire von Hoesslin, Secretary and Careers Officer of the University of Plymouth Law Society (UPLS) competed in the Negotiations Competition, held on the University of Plymouth campus in the Cookworthy building. This was the final round before the Quarter Finals.

Claire von Hoesslin:

“Last year, I was fortunate enough to compete in the semi-finals in the Negotiations Competition, and now I want to win. I chose my partner Daniel Parkinson carefully, as we were both semi-finalists last year with the drive to compete and succeed.


The Negotiations Competition has been the ideal environment to develop my skills in public speaking, negotiation, ethics, quick thinking and teamwork. Although Daniel and I have a unique way of working as a team, we have spent a long time developing this relationship to our advantage. We communicate well together and act as one voice when negotiating for our clients.


Currently we are progressing into the Quarter Finals stage, with previous scenarios ranging from negotiating wages, royalties and shares bought within a company. In each round a team adopts a certain attitude towards the opposing team; this can either be cooperative, argumentative, lose-lose, win-lose etc. It is vital for a team to choose the correct tactic when approaching a scenario as the results you will achieve will depend on how your relationship develops with the opposing team.


I encourage everyone to participate in the Negotiations Competition, as you do not need hours of research it is all provided for you, all you need to rely on are the skills you are taught and your own enthusiasm.”

Claire successfully progressed to the Quarter Finals.