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UoP Lacrosse member is shaving his hair for charity!

Written by: UPSU

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University of Plymouth Lacrosse Club member is raising money by shaving his hair off for the Little Princess Trust – a charity which provides wigs to children with cancer or other conditions which cause hair loss, to restore their confidence and identity. 

Bob shares with us why he has chosen to donate his hair and asks for support from anyone who is able to donate….



“I'm Bob, a Master’s Student at the University of Plymouth and an active member of Plymouth University Lacrosse Club. 

At 25, I've been on quite the journey over the past three years, growing out my hair with a purpose—to donate it to The Little Princess Trust. 

Along the way, I've encountered some unexpected adventures, like getting my nipple pierced instead of getting a mullet in 2022 when all other members did for Movember, and the humorous observation that I resemble a little girl when I run.

The mission of The Little Princess Trust, which provides wigs to individuals undergoing medical challenges such as cancer and alopecia, holds significant personal importance to me. The opportunity to brighten someone's life during their difficult journey is a privilege I am grateful to participate in.

I am reaching out to request your support through donations, which will contribute not only to the creation of wigs from my own hair but also to support others who generously donate theirs. 


My fundraising goal is set at £69, symbolising my Lacrosse playing number, a sport I will be retiring from this year after 6 years of playing.



I urge each of you to contemplate the impact of either growing out your hair for donation or contributing to charitable organisations like The Little Princess Trust. The act of giving not only benefits those in need but also offers a unique opportunity to make a difference effortlessly.

Furthermore, I advocate for blood donation as another impactful way to contribute. By donating blood bi-annually, one has the potential to save a life. Additionally, the added benefit of burning 650 calories while indulging in biscuits is a noteworthy incentive.

Remember, both hair and blood replenish, so let's make a difference together by giving generously.”



Bob will be shaving his head on the 12th of March 2024. 


    You can donate to his fundraiser here.