UoP Equestrian Club achieves 1000,000 Steps in 24 hours to Raise Money for Charity

Written by: Plymouth University's Equestrian Club https://www.upsu.com/sports/clubs/equestrian/

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This year we have successfully run an additional BUCS team who have placed competitively in their league. 

“I have loved being on the BUCS 3rd team. Travelling and competing against other university teams and meeting other riders has been a great experience. Being able to ride so many different horses has improved my riding massively and been so much fun.” -- Sanne Hooijmeijer-Brown (a member of the new team


New sponsorship opportunity 

In October, we made a new sponsorship agreement with JHC Horse and Country. Working with them have allowed us to get matching team stocks and scrunchies, a new mascot (Percy), and new competition numnahs. Each of our members are also lucky enough to receive a 5% in their shop. 

“This sponsorship has been such an amazing opportunity for our club this year, and I am so grateful for JHC’s support. Gaining sponsorship away from the usual pubs and clubs has improved our reputation and the opportunities available to members. It has also given us Percy, our mascot, who has become the face of Plymouth Equestrian and is complemented at each of our events!” -- Lizzie Andrews (Chair)


1000,000 steps in 24 hours fundraiser 

In March we completed 100,000 steps in 15 hours 30 minutes, walking a total of 54km around Plymouth. We raised £1,103 for Hoofbeats Equine Rehabilitation Sanctuary.

“I enjoyed being out in the countryside and the sense of achievement we got from the walk. Oh, and Harry’s DJing of course! I also enjoyed being able to meet more members of the club and feeling like you have built a closer bond with everyone”. -- Livi Comley (a participating member)


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