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Debate Society swap their gavels for brushes in the UPSU smoking area

Written by: Debate Society


During the Easter break between the 11th and 13th April, members from the University of Plymouth Debate Society volunteered to clean and repaint the student smoking area of the Student’s Union.

The smoking area had been subjected to a variety of graffiti over the course of this academic year and so members of the Debate society began by scrubbing down the walls and taking back normal wear-and-tear on that Monday morning.



Members worked throughout Monday to ensure the wall had been thoroughly cleaned and applied a base coat of paint to refresh the wall and cover any harder to remove artifacts.


“The student Union does so much for students at Plymouth, such as providing a space for student groups and facilitating academic representation, so it’s such a shame that a minority chose to show their appreciation by defacing the side of the building.

We wanted to show our appreciation for the work everyone at UPSU does to support us and we were delighted to be able to help uplift this often-overlooked space for everyone that makes use of it."


- Vivian Hocking, Society Health, Safety & Sustainability Officer.


On Tuesday, the Debate Society taped up the wall to provide a stencil pattern upon which they then painted using three of the UPSU’s secondary brand colours, creating a mosaic of triangles along the length of the building.



Peeling away the tape, members were delighted to be able to reveal the results of their efforts, and following some minor touchups on Wednesday, the smoking area is now more vibrant and welcoming for students returning after the Easter break.


“I wanted to help highlight that students care about our campus, by giving something back to the community that has helped us to flourish during our time at University."


– Chloe Daniels, Society Secretary.


“Volunteering to help repaint the wall allowed me to express my inner creativity and explore the application of a new skill."


- Charlie Carson, Society member.




A HUGE thank you from all of us here at UPSU. Your hard work has helped make your Students' Union a better place for all students here at the University of Plymouth.


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