University of Plymouth Visual Identity feedback

As part of the University's refreshed strategy they are evolving the Institution's visual identity. 

They want to hear your views. Help them to shape the future of the University's visual identity by sending your comments and feedback by 29 September 2017 to:


  • The previous viusal idenitity was in place from 1992-2011
  • The current visual identity from 2011
  • The existing visual identity was developed at a time when the University was differentiating itself in a very specific way – aiming to become the Enterprise University
  • Visual identities evolve and develop as the landscape changes and now it is time to update again in line with our refreshed strategy.

What are they trying to achieve with a new Visual Identity??

The primary purpose of a new visual identity is to position the University so that, at first glance: 

  • It projects high quality
  • It inspires confidence
  • It reflects the journey that the University is undertaking as part of its refreshed strategy



Amy Bennett
7:58pm on 29 Sep 17 Tried emailing using the above email but didn't send through so I guess my comments will just have to go here and pray that it's at least read by those with the power (even if they don't agree/other students don't agree) "I dislike the modern shield, shield and ship designs. Both the modern shield and shield designs age the university (eg. makes it feel outdated and old-school). The ship design just looks too messy and although I understand the crest-lite approach, the ship and stars feels like too much. I feel if you go down the crest-lite route the image should be a little bit simpler. Personally I prefer the coat of arms over the square designs. The coat of arms makes it feel professional and like an "actual" university. It makes me think of success, however I know the friendly factor has shown to be important and although personally I think the coat of arms is best out of the designs, I appreciate that it is not the friendliest. The square on the other hand makes the university have a bit more of a modern feel to it and is slightly friendlier than the professional coat of arms. In terms of font- I prefer the serif crimson font. The sans-serif neuzeit font makes the overall logo feel unfinished. Especially for either the coat of arms or shield designs. However you could just about get away with the neuzeit font for the shield design because then it makes the logo a nice rectangle as opposed to having the font slightly out with the serif font." //SIDENOTE// PLUS this has been really late being advertised to students- who I feel would be one of the best sources of information because we all came to Plymouth for a reason and so I would say we're a pretty good indicator of the people you're trying to attract with this rebranding (other students). What's with that?
Jake Warren
7:58pm on 29 Sep 17 I too agree that we should remain with the current 'With Plymouth University' identity. I am especially against the use of a coat of arms in any future logo. A coat of arms is an old fashioned tool which DOES NOT reflect what it is to be a MODERN university, furthermore, should there be an genuine evidence base that suggests rebranding is even necessary then it should look to the future and not the past. Personally, as a first year I was very struck and intrigued by how friendly and collaborative the university seemed. This visual indenting of being 'With Plymouth University' makes everyone feel included and does not alienate those who would not fit to what I believe the new suggestions would portray. For example, the themes mainly represent a nautical symbol, although Plymouth has a strong marine structure, I believe this disconnects from the many courses which do not relate to the sea. In conclusion, from a students point of view, I would like to see a strong evidence base before future change is considered and that we represent the values mentioned in the strategy by adapting the already modern and well fitting brand. I politely ask that you consider views of the students on this one...we are the ones who pay for it both in terms of tuition and in terms of future representation of our educational roots.
Emily Adams
11:43pm on 28 Sep 17 Stick to the great branding 'With Plymouth University' We are a modern university - let's embrace that!
Gregory Wotton
9:44pm on 28 Sep 17 To whom this may concern, I have studied with the Uni for 3 years and think that it is annoying to suggested a constant renewing of the image of the Uni. It is a waste of resources. "With Plymouth University" Logo WORKS !! Yeah it is annoying and on everything but that is what make it so good. YOU CANNOT FORGET IT . It can be used on everything and as a famous artist once said "It is only the Modern which become unfashionable" a state of permeance and recognition through years of memory will passed from generation after generation and will recognise this brand. It is NOT all about seeking the new. It is about replacing systems of old that are not working with a new one, and not replacing working systems.
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