Sabbatical Officers Updates 20/11/17

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The Sabbatical Officers are elected by the students to be their representatives for the year ahead, with the aim of UPSU to be led by our students for our students. Any student can apply to become Sabbatical Officers. As UPSU is a not-for-profit charity, the officers also sit as trustees of the Students' Union.

Lowri Jones - UPSU President UPDATE

Philippa Williams - UPSU Vice President Sport UPDATE

James Warren - UPSU Vice President Welfare UPDATE

Maja Smith - UPSU Vice President Education UPDATE

Hadiza Adah - UPSU Vice President International & Outreach UPDATE

Alex Doyle - UPSU Vice President Activities UPDATE


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How to contact the team
The officer team are based in within the Hive in the SU. Please feel free to pop-in and chat, alternatively contact us via our Facebook or Twitter pages above.

Overview Team Update

Campaign planning process
Over the past month, the Sabbatical team have been working closely with the Student Voice Department of the Students’ Union to review the process by which Sabbatical Officers organise and implement campaigns. The improved process is to ensure that before the officers produce robust campaign plans, they have been tested and research and are in the interest of the members of UPSU.  This will not only be beneficial to the sabbatical officer team, but will also be in the best interests of our membership

Sabbatical Out and About/ Communicating with Students

Over the past few weeks the Sabbatical Officers have been trying a number of new strategies to try and support our campaign to become more visual on and around campus.

  • Hoodies- The officer team now have bright blue hoodies to become more visual around campus.
  • Out and About- The Sabbatical Officers are trying to make sure that they are out and about as much as possible around campus and have several surveys that they are asking students to complete to try and get feedback on a number of things such as the Student Charter.
  • Post It Notes- VP Education Maja Smith is currently awaiting the arrival of new post it notes to visit lectures and get feedback from students in order to work on what students want

Complaints & Appeals

  • The Sabbatical Officer team have been dealing with a number of appeals, with the tremendous support of the Complaints and Appeals department. It is apparent that there is a need for an information piece, which will support students in obtaining the knowledge that they need for complaints and appeals well in advance so that they can escalate their information early and hopefully minimise the need to complain or appeal