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Plymouth Business School Rep Update

Written by: Nyerhovwo Akpoguma, School Rep for Plymoiuth Business School

Student feedback regarding accommodations : Students Has asked me questions on how to get accommodations in Plymouth, so I was included in  a meeting with Dr Rong regarding this and we were able to answer some of the question “how to get accommodation in Plymouth “ . I provided a list of  some information which included some names of letting agencies and also students guarantor.


I have also gotten some feedback from Student regarding lectures times : Some students complains they have lectures all week and would want to take some days off.


Manifesto points updates : I I will be meeting with the various Students course reps by Monday the 12th  of December to discuss further on how we can all come together and have a theme party for the students of Plymouth business school.


I have had a meeting with the Dean of Plymouth business school and asked for approval for a LinkedIn page to be created for faculty of arts, humanities and business for the purpose of having a professional page where both future, current and alumni students can all come together for information purpose.