Course Rep Talks and Drop-in Session

Written by: Rob Dyson, School Rep for Arts, Design and Architecture

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Between the 19th and 30th of September, Programme Leaders throughout the School of ADA supported me in allowing me to interrupt their induction lectures to speak with students about the importance of my role in the school and how they can be represented on a course level. 

Course Reps play a huge part in ensuring students have a fulfilling experince at University, addressing any concerns as soon as possible, as well as encouraging new ideas to support their studies or around the University campus. With around 41 different courses within the School of ADA, Course Reps are vital to ensuring all students are able to have their voice heard and that I, as School Rep, get to hear those voices and feed back relevant information to the University staff at my regular meetings. 

The talks were hugely successful and have hopefully inspired more people to consider taking on the role of a Course Rep, in addition to educating all students on the purpose of my role and how I can support them throughout their studies. 

On the 3rd of October, I ran a drop-in session with the Student Voice team to provide an opportuinty for any prospective Course Reps to ask any questions and gather more information about the role before making a commitment. We had a brilliant turn out and I'm very excited to be working with the extremely keen students who are putting their name forward for Course Rep. Supporting my drive to create positive change within ADA. 


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