Mousetrap Closes Its Doors - For Good

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Students across Plymouth are to say goodbye to one of North Hill's iconic student clubs, The Mousetrap. 

The student renowned club came to Facebook on Wednesday afternoon to announce the sad news.

"We are sad to announce that the Mousetrap has now officially closed. We've had some incredible times over the years and we'd like to thank all of our fantastic customers for making our jobs a pleasure.

However it's not all doom & gloom because this Friday we'll be announcing our very exciting plans for the new venue taking it's place #watchthisspace"

- The Mousetrap

No doubt we all have precious memories of Mousetrap, the beloved student drinking hole at the peak of North Hill. With tirades of students hitting the club for many years, it's only right to get your say on the news. From the Snakebites to the snooker tables, the Karaoke Monday's and Friday's to the oh-so infamous cage, the club will always remain a fond memory for many. 

Music Student, Sophie, 21, said: ":( It will always have a special place in my heart".

Drama Student, Megan, added, "especially the toilets." 

George, 20, reminisced fondly; "Me and my girlfriend got together in Mousetrap after MTV crashes so it does hold a v good memory x it is sad tbh even though I only went there twice". I'm glad to report that the two are still going strong. 

English Student Poppy looks back in regret; "I never got a chance to do a ouija board in the pool room " When questioned about this, she responded, "I loved it in there cos I got creepy vibes".

History Student Ellie kept things short and sweet, commenting that it's "the end of all days".

Meanwhile, recently graduated Ziad writes to me to say "I am very upset Seren. It was the place to be on a Thursday for locals and students. Cuba just isn't the same. Plus the upstairs area in Mousetrap is amazing".

Sailing and baked-good enthusiast, Harry, questions: "What do we do with Thursdays now?"

However, Third Year English Student, Dani, takes a more positive spin on things: "Now boys will take me on pound a pint 'dates' to Switch instead, which I am not opposed to".

Whilst we're all very sad about the news, I'm sure many will join me in the excitement of seeing what's to arrive in its place. 

Seren Kiremitcioglu



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