Society Charity fundraiser of the Month - November

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Here at UPSU we want to recognise and celebrate the incredible fundraising events sports clubs and societies are organising and getting involved with for a whole variety of causes throughout the community. Each month we will be selecting both a sport club and a society to be our fundraiser of the month and to share their story. 

For the month of November we are delighted to announce that the Society 'Charity Fundraiser of the Month' is Marine Biology Society. Why not take a moment to read about their fundraising:

Who was involved? 

The events were open to all

What did you do/what was your event?

We hosted a pub quiz and ran weekly screenings of David Attenborough's 'Dynasties' with zero waste popcorn for sale.

Who were you fundraising for?

Marine Conservation Society

How much did you raise?


Testimonial/Quote - What inspired you to fundraise?

Marine Conservation Society are doing great work to increase awareness of issues facing our oceans everyday. The money we have raised will help to provide resources for beach cleans and awareness events in the future.


If your society would like to be considered for next month's 'Charity Fundraiser of the Month' just ensure you have logged your fundraising totals via the UPSU websiteEach month a panel will convene to select the society based on a range of criteria including creativity, innovation, dedication, external reach of the fundraising, and the number of members involved. The society will not just be selected based on the total raised.


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