Universities bring back ‘Opfest’ weekend after three year absence

On the weekend 22nd-24th March, Plymouth OpSoc hosted Cardiff OpSoc and Glasgow Caledonian OpSoc for a weekend of sport and socialising, in Opfest: The Return.

Sponsored by Specsavers, Keeler and Boots Opticians, the event set to bring back the classic weekend, after a three year absence.

Opfest, up until recently, was a highlight of the social calendar for all optometry societies in the United Kingdom. Traditionally held annually at a different host city each year, the weekend brought together the universities for sports and socialising! As such, many graduates have fond memories of Opfest weekends up and down the country,

Plymouth OpSoc were named the overall winners from the day, closely followed by Cardiff OpSoc.

It is hoped that the return of the weekend in 2019 will allow the event to develop and grow once again, with more universities involved.

Plymouth OpSoc President, Luke McRoy-Jones said “Plymouth OpSoc were delighted to be able to host Opfest in its returning year. As a society, we were very keen to see the weekend return, as many students currently studying haven’t had the opportunity to attend an Opfest weekend. While on a small scale, we hope that this weekend becomes a permanent fixture once again”.

With over 60 people coming down to Plymouth, the interuniversity event brought together students and received positive feedback.

Samantha McCrory, President of Glasgow Caledonian OpSoc, and Daniel Burns, President of Cardiff OpSoc, were both heavily involved in the organisation and attended the event.

“GCU had an absolutely fantastic weekend bringing back Opfest! What a way to take a break from all of our busy timetables. One of the most memorable times we’ve had at university” said Samantha McCrory.

“This year’s Opfest was a great success for not only bringing the universities back together but continuing the real sense of community within our vocation. We all got the same buzz this year that I had back in 2016 at the last Opfest hosted in Cardiff. I feel proud of the three universities involved in organising what was a brilliant weekend and hopefully this can be the revival of a wonderful annual event.” said Daniel Burns.