Student Volunteer Week (SVW) 2017

SVW 2017 is taking place from the 20th February to the 26th February. The aim of this event, now in its 16th year, is to raise awareness of the value and impact of student volunteering.

This week brings together individuals and organisations across the UK to celebrate the achievements of student volunteers in their local communities; encouraging and inspiring more students to volunteer.

UPSU have an exciting and fulfilling schedule of volunteering opportunities running during SVW, which are open to all students to get involved with whilst providing support and making a difference in the local community.
One of our main events is the Volunteering Pop Up Awards, which celebrates all students volunteering efforts, including those who have achieved an outstanding 50, 100 and even 200 hours of volunteering so far this academic year.

Monday 20th             

  • Student volunteer drop in sessions
  • UPSU Camper Van around Campus Event
  • Nominations for the UPSU Volunteer Awards Open

Tuesday 21st            

  • RSPB school outreach drop in sessions
  • Student volunteer drop in sessions at the UPSU Camper Van
  • UPSU Camper Van around Campus Event
  • RAG Amsterdam Marathon Info Meeting

Wednesday 22nd      

  • SLV’s Animal Conservation Trip to the Barn Owl Trust                
  • Student volunteering drop in sessions
  • SLV’s Green Team – Tree planting with Moor Trees
  • SLV’s Special Olympics

Thursday 23rd          

  • Relays @UPSU Plymouth primary school multi skills event
  • Student volunteering drop in sessions

Friday 24th                

  • Volunteering Pop Up Awards

Saturday 25th           

  • SLV’s Green Team trip to Stover Canal

Sunday 26th 

  • SLV’s Green Team – A trip to Burrator Reservoir

UPSU Volunteering
The UPSU Volunteering team are located in the Hive in the Students’ Union. They can signpost students to an array of opportunities that match individual students’ interests. These include a number of different types of volunteering; volunteering in the community, student led volunteering, fundraising, supporting charities, working with young people through outreach activities and much more.

So why do students volunteer?
As well as helping to make a difference in the local community students also volunteer to gain experience that enhances both their knowledge and skills. It’s a chance to meet new people, to expand their social and professional networks, boost self-esteem and overall wellbeing, and to try something new to broaden their perspective of the world.

“Volunteering has been extremely beneficial to me. I have gained a lot of confidence and feel so much happier than I did this time last year. Knowing I am doing something that helps both communities and the environment is absolutely amazing. The only thing I regret is not getting involved with volunteering sooner.”
Plymouth University Student Volunteer 2017


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