School Representative Elections Open

Nominations for all School Representative roles are now open!

School Representatives are empowered to make positive, student-led change within their School. They work in partnership with Course Reps to ensure that all voices are heard when presenting feedback and student opinion at key university meetings.

School Representatives also have a key role in decision making within the students’ union. Pending final approval, from next academic year School Reps will sit on the Union Council. The Union Council debates and votes on policy and the political stance of the students’ union.  

The School Representative is a key leader within their school and will encourage their peers to participate in focus groups, surveys and elections, therefore providing a comprehensive student voice for their school at all levels across the institution and students’ union.

The students’ union provide ongoing support and training for School Reps and work with School and Course Reps to progress the issues that are driven by student feedback. 

As with all the students’ union elected representative roles, School Reps are held to account by students to ensure that they are an effective advocate and are representing the voice of students in the school.

No prior experience is necessary but you do need to study in the School you wish to represent.

If you have any further questions about becoming a School Rep, please contact the Student Voice Team