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Concert Band Social - Among Us
09/02/202109/02/2021 19:0021:00

Tue 09 February 2021 19:00-21:00

Tuesday 09 February 2021

7pm - 9pm

Online - Zoom

  • Clubs & Societies

Concert Band Social - Among Us

Hosted by - Concert Band

Join Concert band for an exciting and extremely suspicious night of Among Us, on Tuesday 9th February at 7pm!

But what is Among Us, I hear you ask?

For those of you unfamiliar with the game, Among Us is similar to classic parlor games like Werewolf or Mafia, but is set on a spaceship. At the start of each game, players are randomly assigned to be either crewmembers or imposters. Crewmembers must complete simple tasks around the spaceship, while the imposters secretly try to kill crewmembers, one by one, without raising suspicions. After someone has died, the remaining crewmembers can call a vote to decide who they think is most suspicious and should be thrown out of the airlock. The game ends either when the imposters have killed the crewmates, the imposters are floating in space outside the airlock, or when the crewmates successfully complete all their tasks. Who will win? Join us on Tuesday to find out!

The game is free to download on your mobile, or can be purchased on PC for a small price via Steam. We’ll host the game, and when you join the Zoom call we’ll send out the password for the lobby. If there’s more than 10 people, we'll split into multiple lobbies.

You don’t need to have any experience with the game in order to enjoy it. Everyone is welcome to the event, even if you’ve never been involved in concert band before! Let us know you are coming via the facebook event.

See you there!


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