(Online)Jack Box Games - UPLS Social!

Wednesday 11 November 2020

6pm - 9pm


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(Online)Jack Box Games - UPLS Social!

Bored of Lockdown already? Why not come and join in the fun!

Jackbox Games, Everyone gathers around Zoom and grabs whatever smartphone, tablet or laptop they choose. Using those devices, they go to "Jackbox.tv" on their browser and enter the four-letter room code displayed on Zoom. Once you enter a display name, your device is synced up with the game.

We will be playing three different games (up to 1,000 can join!)
- Fibbage 2: An inventive word-based game where players add the missing word to a sentence. But not just any word: the challenge is to make it be as plausible as possible in a kind of Would I Lie to You style, as you're trying to trick your opponents into thinking that your answer is the truth. It's a genuinely fun, thought-provoking competition which scales up the mirth factor if the calibre of people answering is witty enough. Much satisfaction comes from successfully bluffing your pals, and even if you're useless you'll at least learn a few facts as you do get to see the true answer at the end.

  • Earwax: You play this hear-larious game by anonymously picking a noise or sound effect which most amusingly sums up the written prompt. One player then acts as judge and the player deemed to have produced the biggest/best/funniest reaction wins the round and nabs the points. It's simple, silly, and might just answer once and for all the question that has resonated through the ages: which is funnier – a urinating ninja or a farting parent?

  • Quiplash XL: Brings creative answer mayhem to the party as each player gets to answer a question. For example: "What is the worst thing a wicked witch could turn you into?" Two answers are then displayed and everyone gets to vote on which is funnier – more people can also log in and vote as an audience, which makes this a superb game to play while streaming online or on stage in front of a phone-equipped youth group. You score a super satisfying 'Quiplash' if everyone goes for your answer, which gives you bonus points, too.

See you all there!

Facebook: https://fb.me/e/3u2zlvkXE

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