Ditch Disposables: 1st Zoom Discussion

Wednesday 28 October 2020

6pm - 8pm


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  • Online

Ditch Disposables: 1st Zoom Discussion

Welcome to our 3rd event of this academic year! We want to kick start our Ditch Disposables campaign with a casual discussion to gather everyone's ideas on how we can achieve this goal, and to make a scheduled plan on what we will do when to win our campaign fast! Please join us at this virtual event if you want the University of Plymouth to ditch disposables and live up to its environmental status even more! NOTE This event will be recorded, unless a participant does not want it to be for any privacy. reason. Please make the Environmental Society aware if you do not want this discussion to be recorded via our Facebook page or email: Plymouth University Environmental Society // plymenvirosoc@gmail.com


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