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How to Vote

Your vote counts more than once!

We use a voting system called Alternative Transferable Vote (ATV). Alternative Transferable Vote (ATV) is commonly used in many students' unions for electing single positions such as President, VP Education etc. The difference between this system and the 'first past the post' system as used in the General Elections is that it allows the voter to express a preference for candidates in the order in which they would 'like' them by placing a 1, 2, 3 and so on next to the candidate of their choice in order of preference. The voter can express as few preferences as they wish, or they can rank all the candidates. It also means that your vote continues to count if your first preference is not elected.

How to vote videos

Voting on Desktop Voting on Mobile

Where can I vote?

UPSU's voting platform is completely online on our website. All you need to do is login to the website using your UoP student login.

What is the ATV system?

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Online voting login

When voting is open, you can vote on our website by logging in with your UoP student account.

What if I don't like the candidates?

There is always one other candidate - under this system you can express a preference for Reopen Nominations (RON). RON is a valid candidate and will promise that the election will be re-run if it wins the election. This is used if you feel the candidates are not suitable for the job and, if you would like to see the nominations re-opened for others to stand in addition to the original candidates. However RON shouldn't be used and abused for the wrong reasons.